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The musings of a modern day Mistress

The Musings of a Modern Day Mistress

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Brave New World

I have never been a 'Lifestyle' Dominatrix. Why? Because if I was, it would be my 'normal' and hence would lose all the magic for me. It is a bit like making your hobby your job. It can work out, but often what once was a joy becomes a chore.

In the case of a Dominatrix, instead of being able to session only with those people with whom you have that particular chemistry that makes a session special, you could potentially end up taking clients for the sake of the money. Or taking on more clients, rushing them through, conveyor belt-like. All of which leads to a burnt-out Mistress and unhappy subs.

Sessions are just as much escapism for me as they are for the submissives who come to see me.

However, when I was told in February, along with a number of my vanilla colleagues, that I was being made redundant, I had to do a rapid evaluation of my options! But no - I'm not going to change my values. But instead of finding another 'vanilla' job I'm going to go to university! And continuing my maverick approach, I'm not doing Psychology, which seems to be the default choice for Mistresses. I'm going to do Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  Fortunately, I have far too many skeletons in my cupboards to ever become a politician, although since the demise of the News of the World the 'shock and horror' news items regarding BDSM have reduced somewhat. Of course this may be because of the "Fifty Shades of Grey' effect and Torture Garden advertising in The Guardian. Visiting a fetish club and indulging in a bit of BDSM is almost a rite of passage nowadays!

So this is how I'm feeling today, on the brink of the future.

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